Hard Work Pays Off for Aimme Inoa

Aimme Inoa- 2nd Place – (13-14 yr) Long Jump

BIRMINGHAM CROSSPLEX                               (Birmingham, Alabama)

Written By Coach Travis

If you ask her, Aimme can tell you the date she joined the program, “April 14, 2014” without hesitation. In less than a full calendar year she has transformed herself into a super athlete. She combined a relentless work ethic and tireless dedication to put up a states best long jump of 16-04.25, and worthy of a #2 national ranking. The jump was more than 2 feet better than last years mark, a tremendous improvement no doubt. It is early into the competitive season, however, if she stays the course, she has the potential to make a run at a State Title and a National Title this Summer. For this athlete, the sky is the limit due to her ability to be coached. She does exactly as the coaches instruct and that has lead to her early success. Hard work pays off, but a willingness to work pays more. Keep up the good work Aimme, let’s make this a year to remember!


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