How to Run Fast: Beast Mode Beach Workout

Go From 0 to 100 REAL QUICK with a Beast Mode Beach Workout

Written by Coach Travis

If you have never done a beach workout; you are missing out on one of the most effective ways to increase raw power. Through the years, South Florida athletes have recognized the benefits of speed and quickness training on the beach. That is the reason why College Coaches from all over the country come down here to get “speed athletes” for their programs.

Beach workouts can change your DNA, essentially changing your genetic potential. How ? One little known fact to most people outside of the track circle is: speed can be taught ! Back in the day, university and pro level coaches recruited fast athletes. Until a Russian by the name of Valeri Borzov dethroned American 100m supremacy in the 1972 Olympics. Most novice coaches recognize that speed can be increased by improving form and endurance. Bob Hoffman, the world’s foremost weightlifting coach, had the most influence on our work in speed improvement in today’s conditioning programs. Most of the work and theories began to focus on analyzing the effectiveness of training the neuromuscular system. The theory was, if the muscles involved were forced to move faster than ever before, we could permanently increase the number of steps that an athlete can take per second and improve stride length. Genetics is now considered a small factor in determining maximum speed potential. The rest is history.

So what exactly does the sand do? Glad you asked. What the sand does is; it forces your body to activate more muscle fibers to move your body mass. It fires up your central nervous system to get your motor neurons to fire at a faster rate. So when you go back to the track, you have what we call anticipatory firing. Meaning, your body is geared up to incorporate more muscle to move more mass over a  distance. In essence, you are tricking your body into thinking that it needs to work harder to overcome the resistance of the sand.

Tried and true. Little known fact: I Coach Travis, once recorded the fastest unofficial 40 yard dash time in NFL scouting history when I posted a 3.94 hand held forty yard dash time. The feat was video taped on an 8 mm old school camcorder. My agent at the time sent the tape out to several NFL teams and Pro personnel scouts said it was the fastest they had ever seen a human cover the 40.  A huge part of my training came from beach workouts dating back to my childhood. The beach is the only way that I know to add resistance without having a negative impact on form. Many of the products used today like sleds, parachutes and weight vests can cause athletes to lose form.  Losing form is the worst thing that could happen to a developing athlete. I do like to incorporate those training products, however, I feel like I get more bang for my buck from the beach.

So kick off your shoes and get ready for the Beast Mode Beach Workout !


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